An Update


We wanted to take a moment to update you on the progress that has been made in the team over the past months. Our hiatus took longer than expected, but we have seen the Lord’s faithfulness in it all. Our team is renewed and prepared to make 2019 a year of serving Him all the more. Here are a few updates on what has gone down.


In October our team was able to meet in Dallas and have a powerful time of planning and fellowship. We discussed goals for the upcoming year, and we began to realign the various responsibilities among us in order to be more efficient. We also had the opportunity to disperse new marketing materials in the form of “Big Question” business cards that would direct readers to our 2018 Big Question page. This page is powerful because it used the personal experience of each of our authors to speak truth in regards to several relevant, challenging questions.  Our time together was a great encouragement since we all live in various cities and states in the U.S. Our team has no shortage of ideas and passion for various parts of the Christian life and ministry, and we intend to make 2019 a year in which we explore those fully! We discussed a renewed focus on quality over quantity, and we are excited to explore new methods of “blogging” rather than the traditional blog post that you are used to seeing. We know you have seen some of this in 2018 through the hymn series, the 30-days of lettering series, the book series, etc., but we are excited to implement new ideas using the varied skills of our talented team in 2019.


In November and December, our team focused on reevaluating the past year and reviewing the applications we received from our previous post. We are excited to say that we received many applications from brothers and sisters that want to be a part of the ministry, and you can expect to hear of new members on our team at the start of the new year. We also used this time to start developing an inventory of sorts of posts and information that will help us better streamline the process of getting finished work in your hands for you to read and see!

You can expect to see new posts this week to get you through the holidays and more updates from us in the first week of January. So stay tuned, family!

Thank you immensely for your patience and for your prayers for our team. We love to serve Him by engaging and encouraging you, and we look forward to doing that more vividly in these next months and for years to come. PTL 🙂

Press on, brothers and sisters!


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