Time to Grow!

Come Awake Family,

As we strive to serve the Lord as a team and in our individual lives, we have come to a month in which we have collectively decided that it is wise for us to pause for a moment. This means that starting today and for one to two months, we will not be posting any new content as typically scheduled on a weekly basis. There are a few big reasons why this is happening.


Last year we began the tradition of meeting together once a year for a team retreat so that we can strengthen the fellowship of the team, discuss current and future endeavors of the ministry, and establish a united and revived purpose for the following year. This year, we will be having our retreat at the start of October, and we want to use that time to intently see where we stand and push things forward as led by the Lord! Because of that, we thought it would be best to pause our current operations in order to strengthen all parts for the days and months and years to come!


The team has grown beyond our wildest expectations over the past years, and that is simply the strength of faithfulness of the Lord clearly going forth! Because of the growth and the vast list of potential ideas to pursue, we are always in need of help. However, we have never put forth an actual call for help! So, here it is:

We are looking for those with a heart for the Lord.
If you enjoy serving through writing, design, social media, or anything else that could be incorporated into our platform, we would love to talk to you!

Please fill out this application, and we will be in contact with you during our hiatus! Our ministry is extremely focused on helping others recognize their talents and gifts while providing a venue in which they can be utilized. We would love to do that with you!

Thanks for your time! Press on, brothers and sisters!

With Love,
The Come Awake Team

One thought on “Time to Grow!

  1. Praying about filling out your application. Just came across it today. Lord bless you and this ministry! Stick to the Word, friends! 👑🙏 Colleen Woodruff (inchristiamshe.com)

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