That’s Not You

Who are you?
Who are you really?
How do you define yourself?

Many don’t openly share it, but they affix labels to their hearts according to their sins or atrocities wreaked upon their lives. They quietly define themselves by sin-filled pasts. Looking at their history they become convinced no one will love them, they can’t effectively serve, or that they won’t be accepted because of “X, Y, or Z.”

We trudge around with enormous burdens strapped upon us, convinced we are wholly alone, sure that everyone would hate us if they knew. Judging our old self so harshly drives us to isolate ourselves from fellow believers. Seclusion makes our service less effective.

We know that our old self was crucified with him in order that the body of sin might be brought to nothing… | Romans 6:6a

Dear one, the cleansing forgiveness of Christ is equally offered to all. That forgiveness is absolute; it covers anything that you could possibly bring to Him. Even if you are a believer who has fallen into a sinful habit for a time, He still offers forgiveness.

He wants to take the pain of the past away from you. 

All of that sin and shame can be done away with for the low, low price of … nothing. This offer has nothing to do with who you are, and everything to do with the cross.

 Love like His makes you worthy of forgiveness
Accepting that forgiveness means that
the work of sin in your life is
“brought to nothing!”

Attaching your worth and identity to anything other than the cross is not what the Lover of our souls wants for us!

For so long I saw myself as damaged, useless, worthless…all because of sins I committed or things that happened to me. It was always so easy for me to tell others how forgiven and precious they were because of God’s love. Yet somehow, I could never tell myself the same thing.

Why can’t we forgive ourselves
the way that we forgive others?

As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. | Psalm 103:12

With the blood spilt by our Savior, the Lord took our sin away. It’s gone … it’s over.

No longer should we hate ourselves for what we’ve done. It is pointless to hold on to the memory of it, because in saving us He took the weight of those transgressions off our shoulders. He worked so hard to ensure that we wouldn’t have to carry that burden any more. But here we are, carrying it still.

So if no one ever has, I’m here to tell you:

  1. Your past, your pain is not who you are.
  2. Any changes made to your physical person, pre- or post-salvation, do not change your soul. i.e. Drug/alcohol addiction, loss of virginity before marriage (regardless of the manner in which it was lost), scars from self-harm, scars someone else inflicted on you, etc. None of this changes a soul that has been cleansed.
  3. Don’t let what others might think of you or what you think others might think of you define you.
  4. The moment you lay it at His feet and leave it there you no longer have to shoulder the burden of any of it. So, let it go.
  5. You are a child of God. Before calling yourself “useless sinner” try calling yourself “His“.

Friend, I’m not promoting arrogance, or a continued life of sin in any way, shape, or form. I simply aim to remind you that you are dearly loved by God. Anything else said of you, or anything you have done, is irrelevant.

You are a child of the King of Kings.

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine… | Song of Solomon 6:3

So, I’ll ask again:

Who are you?
Who are you really?

2 thoughts on “That’s Not You

  1. PRAISE THE LORD for HIS tender mercies that are new every morning. My sins have been washed away and I must bear them NO MORE!!!!

    1. Amen!! Such beautiful words “NO MORE!” With His grace, we can shout those words from the rooftops. We are FREE! ❤

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