A Match Made in Heaven (Literally)

In Mark 5, we’re introduced to three different people. First, we have the demon-possessed man (Mark 5:1-20), followed by Jairus, the religious man (Mark 5:21-24,35-43), and lastly, we meet the sick and hurting woman (Mark 5:25-34).

None of these people run in the same circles. In fact, when you take culture and the societal norms of the time into consideration, the disparities amongst them only grow wider and more defined. However, there is one thing they share – one act, one behavior, one need: Each of them, in their dire need for rescue, FELL at the feet at of Jesus (Mark 5:6,22,33). What is the significance of this for us? IS it even significant in this day and age? Yes, undoubtedly. Because even in 2015, we’re still wicked, we’re still hypocrites, and we’re still sick and hurting – probably more than we were two thousand years ago.

*NOTE: Before reading further, I want to be clear about my tone/language in this post. None of this is written with an air of condemnation. I’ve been in each of these categories throughout my life and only wrote out my personal thoughts/perceptions of myself/my situation during those times. Perhaps you will identify with one or more of these groups. Many of us fall somewhere along this strata. Regardless of where we fall, our response must be the same… that is what I hope you find in these words. 


Yeah, you’re not that great of a person. You constantly fall short. You give into your temptations – actually, you indulge in sin. You enjoy it… at least while you’re not thinking about it, at least until the high wears off. You’re possessed. Maybe not by a demon, but definitely by this world. You’re obsessed. With success, money, lust, risqué behavior, anything and everything to do with making #1 (you) happy. Life is all about you. You live for the thrills. You chase the highs. But eventually, you’re left alone. You think you’re happy. You think you’re “living the life.” But the sad truth is, you’re not. As aware of this as you are, you try to convince yourself that this isn’t the case – that you really are happy, popular, envied, even. You may have already succeeded in this, or maybe you’re on your way there…

Yeah. You fall really short. Your life is a manual for what NOT to do. But if you want out, I know Someone. He doesn’t judge you, He doesn’t hate you, He doesn’t turn His nose up at you. In fact, He’s been trying to get to know you since… well, forever. He wants in to your heart. You want out of this life. It’s like a match made in heaven. Wait, no. IT REALLY IS.

So fall. Fall at the feet of Jesus. He’s ready to catch you, redeem you, restore you, forgive you. Just fall.


You think you’ve got it all together. In reality, you don’t. But you don’t see that because you live in…not reality. You’ve created for yourself a world in which you reign. Because you actually think YOU’RE pure and holy. You actually think YOU’RE responsible for your own spiritual cleansing. You memorize Bible verses. You teach Sunday School. You lead songs at church. You don’t drink, smoke, or curse. But do you lust? Do you judge? Do you hate within your heart? Do you think you’re better than Brother Joe who’s divorced? Do you think you’re better than Sister Sally who has a child out of wedlock?

Maybe you don’t go so far as to tithe your spices, but face it, at the end of the day, you’re a hypocrite. If you want, I know Someone who can slap you out of your pride. It’s not easy. It’s kinda painful…it’s an ugly process. But He gets the job done. You want to be real, and He wants you to really live – free from laws and rules and legalities. Sounds pretty perfect. Another match made in heaven.

So fall. Fall at the feet of Jesus. He’s ready to catch you, accept you, forgive you, transform you. Just fall.


Life sucks. People suck. Cancer, death, and sickness suck. You’ve been hurt far too many times. Just when you get back up, you’re knocked down to your knees again. You’re somersaulting and belly-flopping right through the pain, the hurt, the sickness. You’re tired. You’re bruised up and broken down. Or maybe you’re fine but your spouse isn’t. Or maybe it’s your kid or your parent or your best friend who’s suffering unjustly. Yeah. Life sucks. People Suck. Everything sucks.

You can’t stand on your own. So why are you even trying to? You keep getting the wind knocked out of you, trying to do this thing called “life” on your own. You’re clearly not strong enough. But if you’re interested, I know Someone who can make you stronger. We’re talking permanent changes, REAL strength here. It’s probably going to rip you apart before it makes you stronger. But that brokenness is where you’ll find strength, endurance, HOPE. You want to be rid of your struggles, pain, and heartache. He wants nothing more than to take them from you. You want freedom and peace. He longs to give that to you – in perfection. Another match made in heaven.

So fall. Fall at the feet of Jesus. He’s ready to catch you, heal you, strengthen you, free you. Just fall.


Three different types of people. One all-sustaining, all-redeeming “Someone” who meets them right where they are. Whoever you are, whatever category you find yourself in, understand this: Jesus Christ stands before you now, offering you something real, lasting, true, and freeing. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Your past doesn’t matter. You’re present doesn’t either. All that matters is this: Are you convicted enough to fall at the feet of Jesus? Are you humble enough? Desperate enough? He’s your perfect match, from heaven itself. No one can complete you, accept you, free you, protect you, love you like He can.

The people we met in Mark 5 shared in their need for a Savior. Each of them needed rescue. And honestly, so do we. Jesus saves. Jesus alone. No matter who you are, no matter what your life looks like, know that you can fall at the feet of Jesus. The question is, will you? It’s an open invitation.

Choose to fall.

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