Today, we’re introducing our latest project: ¡Despierta!, which is Spanish for “Come Awake!” Translated literally it reads,

“W a k e   U p !”

Several months ago, our dear friend Benjamin D. Knott reached out to us with a simple but exciting request – he asked to translate some of our posts into Spanish for the Spanish-speaking community around the world. We were thrilled about this prospect & prayed about whether this was something the Lord would have us move forward in. Long story short, we’re launching our Spanish Project, ¡Despierta!, on Monday, May 1st! 

Benjamin & his sister, Emily, have partnered with us as Spanish translators with the purpose of encouraging & challenging Spanish-speakers across the world in the Lord. We are SO thankful for their partnership, time, and effort in making this project a reality!

So what does this mean for Come Awake? It simply means that we will be able to reach a whole new community and culture of people! It broadens the reach of the Christ-centered encouragement we publish weekly. Our writers will continue writing in English, but every month, 1-2 Spanish posts will be published as well. As these are posts that were originally published on the blog in English, each Spanish post will include a link to the original article. That way, both our Spanish-speaking & English-speaking readers can be encouraged by the same content!

That being said, we ask that y’all would join us first and foremost in prayer for this project & for our amazing translators. Secondly, we ask that you’d join us in helping us

SPREAD THE WORD about ¡Despierta!

We encourage y’all to share these posts with your Spanish-speaking friends, relatives, and churches. Our prayer & desire is that we would be able to reach more people with the Word of God and with the Good News of Jesus Christ in their native tongue through Come Awake! Thanks for joining us on this journey, y’all! We’re excited to see the Lord work in and through all of this!

Glory and honor to our great God
for all that He does!

Click here for our Spanish statement of faith!

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