Malayalees in Malawi?! | The Timing

About two years ago, God was moving things around in my heart in huge ways. And when I say moving things around, I mean there was a complete and total renovation happening. My heart was being flipped. And in the process of my heart improvement, He placed a burden there – a burden for the unreached. The unreached are the millions of people who have never heard of the good news of Jesus Christ as Savior to this world. The unreached are the people groups all over the world who are living without knowledge of our blessed hope. The unreached are souls, souls that He loves. While everything in my heart was changing, and as the remodeling was happening, this burden for the unreached seemed to be taking up much of the space.

As what was laid so heavily on my heart started to make its way to my head, my thoughts went straight to, “I have to get on the next flight to Africa.” It didn’t seem like a bad idea, but did I really understand what this burden that God put on my heart meant? Not entirely. Did it only mean that reaching the unreached would be dropping everything at that very moment and going across the world without any direction? Probably not. He still had a lot to do in teaching me, and I had much to learn in obediently and humbly serving Him as the Lord of every part of my life. The days went on and I heard that still small voice say, What are you doing for Me right where you are? I was challenged. I was ready. I was willing. Did I really think that I was going to move somewhere else and evangelize all the unbelieving there even though I hadn’t even shared the gospel with one Houstonian? I’m not sure where I thought I was going to get all that boldness from all of a sudden. It most certainly wasn’t going to be from myself or of my own merit.  I knew I had to work hard right here, right where He had placed me. I was determined to do what it took to show the Lord that I was serious about being His bond-servant. So, that’s what I did, with Him as my strength and by His grace alone. I worked (still working) here in Houston for 2 years striving to love my students and co-workers, was committed to training and teaching young women of God to love and serve Jesus Christ whole-heartedly, and was intentionally aware that the people of Houston need His good news just as all of the unreached around the world do.

With all that being said, that burden on my heart never went away. It’s still here, and it seems to be taking up much more space. 2 years ago traveling to Africa would have never happened. It wasn’t a part of God’s perfect plan, and plus my dad thought I was insane. Fast forward to now and God’s working things out how He wants and I’m sure my dad still thinks I’m crazy, but thankfully, he’s going with it, and like I said, God’s working things out. 🙂

Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass. | 1 Thessalonians 5:24

Malawi, Africa. A country I had never heard of before 2 months ago, will be my temporary home for a few weeks in June. Not a big deal, but at the same time a huge deal. I can’t wrap my head around how faithful my God is. There aren’t enough words to express my thankfulness to Him in considering sinful, weak, foolish me faithful. It’s not just that He’s made it possible for me to travel to Malawi, but it’s the fact that over and over again He shows me that His plans are better; His plans are best. He shows me just how much He loves me. And He does all of this in just the perfect time.

Be encouraged, y’all! I never thought the thoughts I had 2 years ago, which were given to Him and left at the throne of grace, would result in this, in now. He most definitely knows it all. So yes, to all the nations I will go declaring the name of Jesus Christ as Savior to this world and loving the souls in it. Whether it’s Houston or Malawi, God’s always working. What a joy to be a part of His team.

For our Come Awakers who are confused by the title 🙂 – Malayalees are the people from the South Indian state of Kerala. The Come Awake team finds its roots in Kerala. But for now, we’ve pitched our tents in the U.S. and call Heaven home.

Here’s how the trip went! READ: #prayforMalawi

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