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Before reading further, check out Part 1 [The Timing]Part 2 [The Nation] and Part 3 [The Team] of this post!

As we look forward to traveling to Malawi soon, we can’t help but seek the Lord for guidance and wisdom for every step of the way. As the days go by, we see more and more of how desperate we are for His grace. Whether it be for decisions that need to be made or in remaining faithful to the tasks at hand, we so desperately need Him, in every moment. And what a Savior He is that He meets all of our needs! He is truly our high priest who intercedes for us and cares for us. He is the greatest listener and an even better Shepherd. He just knows. And He loves that we come to His throne of grace for some real time together with Him.

Recognizing our great need for the Lord’s continued guidance, my mind is taken to an instance in Scripture when Jesus spoke these words –

Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” | Matthew 9:37-38

Other than our need for our Savior, what is the need? The need is for God’s people to pray. The need is for God’s people to beseech Him to send out workers. We must pray for Him to fill the harvest with His workers. And we shouldn’t be surprised when the Lord nudges our own hearts to go and make. We shouldn’t be surprised when the Lord gently asks us to answer His call. We should obediently and faithfully submit to His purpose for our lives and to His plan, as Savior to this world. I have found great peace and surety in my time of prayer for the nation of Malawi and for the time that we will spend there, Lord willing. But even more than praying for the obvious, I strive in prayer for the hearts of those who are partnering with us in prayer. Your hearts. Oh how I long to see many of God’s children take His call seriously! As we pray for the souls of the unreached to come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, I also pray for souls who will be willing to work for Him, in His harvest. Wasn’t the death of Jesus Christ on the cross enough for us to take Him at His word? Wasn’t His resurrection and ascension to His throne on high enough for us to know that He is for us and is always in control? Aren’t we to be thrilled to be called His? What a joy it is to be called a bond-servant of Jesus Christ!

Our greatest need is Him. And this world’s greatest need is us. We have Him. And this world needs Him. How will they know Him? Through us. So, why are the workers still so few? Because we are choosing not to meet the need; we are choosing to not answer His clear call. May the Lord work in each of our hearts, shattering the stone, and transplanting a soft heart of flesh, that we may truly walk in a manner worthy of our calling. May we never take for granted our time to reach the walking dead here. This world is full of souls that need Him. I pray that He will send out workers. I pray that those workers would be us. I pray that we would rely on His Spirit that resides within us to boldly go into His harvest to gather many souls for the expansion of His kingdom. I pray that no matter where we are, we would work for Him.

To Him be all the glory for great things He has done and continues to do.

For our Come Awakers who are confused by the title 🙂 – Malayalees are the people from the South Indian state of Kerala. The Come Awake team finds its roots in Kerala. But for now, we’ve pitched our tents in the U.S. and call Heaven home.

Here’s how the trip went! READ: #prayforMalawi

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