Our trip to Malawi was incredible – two weeks full of truly experiencing God’s power. We didn’t really know what to expect as we went from plane to plane on our journey there. Finally, we landed, and our hearts were full of joy. We spent weeks in prayer about the trip, and we were ready to see just what God had for us. We were ready to do whatever He wanted us to do and learn all that He wanted to teach us. From the beginning to the end of the trip, we couldn’t do anything, but give Him all the praise for each moment!

The way the people of Malawi welcomed us was amazing. Even when getting to customs the officers were joking around with us, which was a little strange at first, but we went with it! I don’t have words to describe how beautiful it all was. The smiles. The weather. The beautiful land. Everything was just breathtaking. I was completely in awe of how great He is.

Our days were full of prayer and the Word. We spent hours with the hundreds of kids who flocked to the mission compound we called home during our trip. We taught them songs, Bible stories and verses. But more than anything we may have done for them, the Lord taught us and changed us. To see a group of people so eager and ready to hear the good news of Jesus Christ – I’ve never seen such a sight. I found myself thinking to myself throughout our days there, Could it be that there are millions around this world just waiting, waiting patiently, for someone to bring them the good news? The Lord convicted my heart. These are souls. Souls that He loves. All they need is a Savior. All they need is Him. And they’ve been waiting, waiting patiently. He was doing much shifting in my heart during our time there. He was breaking down walls that were built up of what I thought being on mission meant. It was very clear that His gospel is what holds all the power. His love breaks hard hearts, His love gives sight to the blind, His love makes right the wrong, His love brings new life. Without His love, not one word, not one action, not one intent to serve and do good would last.

So, I praise Him for teaching me again that in all things, I must keep my eyes set on His love, His cross, His saving grace. I must keep my eyes on Jesus Christ who is the only Savior to all of the souls in this world. And as I keep my eyes set on Him, His love compels me. His love controls me. His love constrains me. And then, so beautifully, His gospel is preached. With words. Without words. In any way. His gospel is proclaimed when my eyes are set on Him.

Malawi is full of souls that He loves. But the mission, His mission, isn’t for Malawi, but for the souls in it. We pray on for Malawi, thinking only of the beautiful, precious souls that are there. And we pray on for His gospel to be proclaimed throughout all the nations by those who have their eyes set on our beautiful Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Declare His glory among the nations – His marvelous works among all the peoples! | Psalm 96:3

Malayalees in Malawi?!
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